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Forensic Science is the application of assorted scientific methods and principles for the proper investigation of crime. With the rising number of incidents of crime and fraud, the scope of forensic science is definitely rising. The old conventional ways of investigations are nearly failed to bring justice to common people. Forensic Science serves the purpose and helps the law enforcing agencies to bring the criminals to justice. Forensic Experts having skills in different fields like crime scene investigation, Fingerprint analysis, Handwriting examination, DNA analysis and such others collect clues from the crime scene and elsewhere to convert them into evidences to prove a crime or solve a case. Mostly, forensic science expert works with police department, legal and investigative agencies

The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science consists of a combination of core courses and electives from concerned fields that ensure a strong foundation in this science while providing the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to satisfy specific interests or career goals. This program may be of interest to students who plan careers in investigations in various law enforcing and investigation agencies like Police, NAB, ISI, IB, CTD etc. Moreover, after getting higher degree in this discipline, they can opt the career in research and teaching,. The courses offered provide the students with extensive exposure to basic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, along with application of these fields in solving crimes. Our faculty is committed to offer academically solid teaching, yet we offer an outstanding environment that allows our students to excel. Additionally, we believe that students at all levels benefit from a regular interaction with the broader forensic science community.

Challenge yourself, like Sherlock Holmes; feed your curiosity for investigating the world of crime. Even when Holmes is departing from the "realm of logic" he still uses and relies on the scientific method, with his reference to a hypothesis. It's notable that Holmes is talking about determining human motives here. Human behavior often departs from logic. 

Aim of the Program

BS in Forensic Science is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for careers in law enforcing agencies and forensic science laboratories. The goals and objectives of this program are to produce graduates that can work as forensic scientists conducting casework examinations or to provide advanced scientific education to students interested in continuing their education towards a research degree. The BS in Forensic Sciences aims at:

  • To develop and enhance educational programs in Forensic and Investigative Science, which enables the students to work as Forensic Scientists and Investigators.
  • To provide our students with diverse opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills through internships.
  • To develop research programs relevant to the forensic science community
  • To promote partnerships with academic and operational forensic science organizations both nationally and internationally.
  • To enhance the forensic community through continuing education and professional development. 

The students are urged to accept that a strong knowledge of science combined with the comprehension of the nature of physical evidence plays a crucial role in developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. Our approach is not only intended to focus on the mere application of technologies, but also to emphasize understanding of the general principles and foundations of forensic science.

Career Opportunities

Most of the job prospects for Forensic Scientists are in government sector, particularly in various law enforcement agencies such as police, legal system. Moreover, a demand is increasing in universities who are initiating the degree programs in the field of Forensic Sciences.

Upon graduation from the Forensic Science Program, students will be able to:

  • Work in Forensic Science Laboratories as experts.
  • Work in Law enforcing and investigation agencies.
  • Perform as crime scene expert and demonstrate competency in the collection, processing, analyses, and evaluation of evidence.
  • Testify to the interpretation of the evidence.
  • Work as defense expert in court of law in criminal and civil cases.
  • Demonstrate their application of skills and knowledge in a professional environment that they have acquired through their internship experience.

Program Summary

Duration 04 years

Semesters 08

Credit Hours 130

Admission Requirements

12 years of formal education A Level/FSc

 Matric 50%

 Intermediate 50%

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