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The School of Science at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore is comprised of the Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics, Department of Life Sciences and Center for Mathematics and its Applications.

Our programs offer high-level education and research training on basic and applied sciences in cooperation with faculty, aiming to develop students into researchers, engineers, innovators as well as highly specialized professionals with broad vision, excellent research skills, and ability to adapt them to rapidly changing demands. We offer a wide range of pioneering degree programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. A strong emphasis is placed on applying course work to real-life challenges with an eye on the needs of the high-tech world of the 21st century. Undergraduate degree programs include many electives, letting our students tailor a curriculum to individual interests and talents. This added flexibility affords the opportunity to begin accelerated programs, pursue dual degrees, or begin graduate work.

 The School pursues the following goals:

  • Discovery and application of new scientific concepts and technologies
  • Establish a rigorous science teaching and research program that contributes to meet national and regional needs for human resources in these fields.
  • Popularize and establish a strong foundation in science, technology, and mathematics starting early in the life and education of nationals.

The School achieves these goals by dedicating its staff and students toward the following mandates:

  • Provide rigorous foundational courses in sciences for those students who opt to specialize in engineering, business, natural and built environments, and in technology professions in other Schools in the University.
  • Provide opportunities for advanced theoretical and practical learning leading to under- and post-graduate degrees in sciences for those interested in careers deriving in these fields.
  • Provide for the education and training of educators and teachers for science subjects at the school and tertiary levels.
  • Conduct research to advance knowledge and its application and to advance the teaching and learning of sciences at all levels of education.
  • Publish and disseminate research results, knowledge, and innovations to society.

The science courses at the school of science promote opportunities for our students to excel and shine where student’s opinions and ideas are heard and respected. Our caring faculty is dedicated to help you to fulfill your potentials and reach your goals. To ensure success, we start by helping students build a foundation in their core subjects. We make a difference in the lives of our students and prepare them through the basic science concepts and professional studies to think critically, pursue truth, and contribute to a just society. We inculcate following values in our students:

  • Excellence: to be outstanding at what we choose to do
  • Integrity: to be honest and consistent in our actions
  • Collaboration: to work together within and across organizational boundaries in pursuit of our common mission
  • Compassion: to treat all human beings with respect and empathy
  • Leadership: to educate physicians, researchers and public health professionals who emulate our faculty in becoming leaders in their fields
  • Creativity: to emphasize rigorous fundamentals while stimulating innovation
  • Diversity: to live, work and serve in a diverse local, national, and global community
  • Life-long learning: to engender a love of learning and provide the skills for life-long learning

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