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The Department of Physics of UMT offers an outstanding academic research programs and broad range curriculum designed to train the next generation of physicists. Our department is playing an important role in physics nationally and globally, with an aim to facilitate our students and researchers at every step to contribute to society’s future.

BS Pyscics
CodesCourse OutlineDownloads
PH-439 Advanced Physics Lab Download
PH-418 Atomic and Molecular Physics Download
PH-105 Biological Physics Download
PH-311 Classical Mechanics   Download
PH-309 Computational Physics  Download
PH-102 Electricity and Magnetism  Download
PH-419 Electromagnetic Theory ii Download
PH-205 Heat and Thermodynamics  Download
PH-312 Mathematical Methods of Physics-II Download
PH-101 Mechanics  Download
PH-106 Medical Physics  Download
PH-316 Electronics  Download
PH-103 Waves and Oscillation  Download
PH-313 Quantum Mechanics ii Download
PH-204 Modern Physics  Download

MS Physics

Physics is devoted to the study and understanding of nature.

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