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Elective Courses

CH-512: Energy and Environment

CH-523: Green Chemistry

CH-525: Chemical Industries

CH-527: Material Chemistry

CH-530: Radiation Chemistry

CH-601: Advanced Quantum Chemistry

CH-606: Polymer Nanocomposite

CH-610: Chemical Changes and their Impact on Climate

CH-611: Biomass Conversion

CH-612: Principle of Forensic Sciences

CH-616: Advances in Biochemistry

CH-620: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques

CH-621: Environmental Biotechnology

CH-630: Computational Chemistry

CH-640: Environmental Law and Regulation

CH-644: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

CH-645: Advances in Fermentation Technology

CH-660: Statistical Techniques for Chemical Sciences

CH-xxx: Chemistry of Organometallics

CH-xxx: Inorganic Industrial Chemistry

CH-xxx: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

CH-xxx: Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry

CH-xxx: Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry

CH-xxx: Bioinorganic Chemistry

CH-xxx: Chemical Principals of Nanotechnology

CH-xxx: Structure and Reactivity

CH-xxx: Biomedical Nanotechnology

CH-xxx: Spectroscopic Studies of Organic Molecules

CH-xxx: Advanced Organic Reaction Mechanism

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