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Course work of 18 credit hours followed by comprehensive examination and research based thesis are the essential requirements for securing a degree of PhD in Chemistry. Given below is a list of courses suggested for the participants of PhD Chemistry. Participants are given opportunity for choosing different courses from the list, depending on their interests. However, students will be assisted in identifying sets of courses which correspond to specific areas of specialization.


CH-705: Chemical Changes and their Impact on Climate

CH-707: Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry

CH-710: Chemistry of Secondary Metabolites

Ch- 711: Advance Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

CH-712: Forensic Science and Criminology

CH-716: Advances in Biochemistry

CH-717: Advances in Cell and Molecular Biology

CH-720: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques

CH-721: Environmental Biotechnology

CH-723: Green Chemical Technology

CH-727: Advance Topics in Material Chemistry

CH-730: Special Topics in Computational Chemistry


CH-801: Special Topics in Quantum Chemistry

CH-802: Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics

CH-803: Reactivity of Transition Metal Organometallics

CH-804: Advances in Organic Reaction Mechanisms

CH-805: Special Topics in Supramolecular Chemistry

CH-806: Modern Spectroscopic Techniques

CH-807: Characterization Techniques in Organic Chemistry

CH-808: Applied Spectroscopy

CH-809: Impact of Energy on Environment

CH-810: Special Topics in Biochemistry

CH-811: Biofuels and their Applications

CH-812: Nuclear and Radiochemistry

CH-813: Advanced Polymer Nanocomposite

CH-814: Advance Topics in Nanochemistry

CH-815: Chemical Process industries

CH-816: Principles of Separation Techniques

CH-817: Advance Topics in Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry

CH-818: Special Topics in Quality Assurance in Chemistry

CH-819: Advance Topics in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

CH-820: Advanced Materials for Environmental Applications

CH-821: Advances in Organic Reaction Mechanisms


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