Academic Programs

PhD Physics Curriculum

Overview Curriculum 

Elective Courses

  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers 
  • Advanced Electrodynamics
  • Advanced Statistical Mechanics
  • Advanced Classical Mechanics
  • Advanced Materials Science
  • Advanced Nanotechnology
  • Advanced Principles of Optics
  • Advanced Introduction to Nuclear Science
  • Advanced Optical Detectors and Applications
  • Advanced Fundamentals of Sensors and Sensor Systems
  • Advanced Fundamental of Photonics
  • Advanced Physics of Fluids
  • Advanced Health Physics
  • Advanced Plasma Physics
  • Advanced Theory of Computation
  • Advanced Thin film Technology
  • Advanced Optoelectronics
  • Advanced Image Formation
  • Advanced Laser and their Applications
  • Advanced Experimental Techniques in Physics

The list of elective courses can be extended as per future needs.



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