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BS Statistics 

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  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Environmental Sciences
  4. Principles of Management & Marketing
  5. Basic Financial Management
  6. Business Ethics
  7. History of Human Civilization
  8. Operations Research
  9. Numerical Methods
  10. Introduction to Psychology
  11. Introduction to Sociology
  12. Introduction to Biology
  13. Introduction to Chemistry
  14. Introduction to Physics
  15. Foreign Language other than English
  16. Advanced Calculus
  17. Introduction to Genetics
  18. Introduction to Geography

or any other subject depending upon the expertise available.

List of Elective Courses

  1. Stochastic Process
  2. Reliability Analysis
  3. Decision Theory
  4. Robust Methods
  5. Survival Analysis
  6. Bio-Statistics
  7. Data Mining
  8. Actuarial Statistics-I
  9. Actuarial Statistics-II
  10. Mathematical Models and Simulation
  11. Categorical Data Analysis
  12. Bayesian Inference
  13. Statistical Quality Control,

or any other subject depending upon the expertise available

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Chairperson of Department

Dr. Aziz ur Rehman

[email protected]

Academic officer

Nadeem Moazzam

[email protected]

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