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We are pleased that you are taking time to explore the Department of Chemistry at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) through our web site. For those of you who are using these pages to consider us as a home for your undergraduate or graduate educational experience, we extend a special welcome.

Chemistry is the science describing matter and its transformations. It is the science that defines molecules, nanostructures, and extended solids, and their properties, reactions and applications. This empowering science is central to virtually all areas of modern science and technology, especially the new, exciting inter- and multi-disciplinary areas of molecular genetics, molecular biology, nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, drug design and development, and green (environmentally sustainable) chemistry/industry.

Chemistry is called the central science because all scientists study chemicals at some level. Geologists examine the way chemicals come together to form rocks. Biochemists and pharmacologists study chemicals that cause and cure diseases. Astronomers study the chemical compositions of stars, planets and galaxies. Geneticists study the chemicals of biological inheritance. A background in chemistry is useful in a career in all these disciplines.

The department provides a friendly, yet rigorous instructional environment in the forefront areas of chemistry at the undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS and PhD) levels. Our rapidly growing department consists of experienced, committed and highly ambitious faculty members and academic staff who are determined to develop and offer world-class teaching and research.

We invite you to explore our web site, enroll in our courses, join our undergraduate or graduate program, carry out cutting-edge research, engage our faculty and staff and enter the diverse and interesting world of Chemistry. It will give you the power to improve the quality of our daily life. I hope you will join our community of chemistry scholars, make the most of the opportunities we offer, and build a rewarding career.

I very much look forward to seeing you in UMT in Chemistry.

Dr. Ayesha Mohyuddin 
Chairperson, Chemistry
Email: [email protected]

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