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Chemistry is the science of change. By studying the basic properties of substances and the many transformations they undergo, the chemist finds solutions to scientific challenges and contributes to the development of new technologies. Discoveries in of new life saving drugs, solutions to environmental problems, new products to benefit consumers--all result from the work of chemists.

The Department of Chemistry at UMT started functioning in January, 2014. In the 1st year of its establishment, BS and MS in Chemistry were introduced. Now department offers five BS and Five MS programs in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental science and forensic science. The research facilities for these programs are under establishing phase. There is a constant endeavour to improve and strengthen teaching and research facilities and to create an environment conductive for research activity.

The Masters course in Chemistry provides advanced knowledge and skills in chemistry and research in order to strengthen the teaching of chemistry and research in higher education. The program balances theory with application and gives students the chance to begin independent research using the laboratories in the Chemistry department.

With all the programs running in the department simultaneously, the department has always considered its faculty as most important towards imparting quality education. There has been always a strong faculty also in terms of numbers and to cover divergent areas like organic chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, solution chemistry, organometallics, organic synthesis, chemistry of natural products and spectroscopy etc. The members of the Department of Chemistry faculty are instilled with a strong desire to seek and investigate unknown areas of research. They focuses on chemical synthesis, nanoparticles, polymer nano-composites, natural products chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry and medicinal chemistry, the fields of research most relevant to biomedical research and the drug discovery and development process. 

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