Department of Life Sciences


The life sciences are a collection of disciplines that investigate the structure and function of living things from molecules to entire ecosystems. Department of Life Sciences offers undergraduate programs in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Forensics Science. Graduate programs are offered in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. The faculty is committed to excellence in research and education and are proud of the outstanding students and staff who make this possible. Our understanding of the fundamentals of life is persistently growing, becoming more nuanced and erudite every year. As Department of Life Sciences, we form a community dedicated to understanding the natural world from global ecosystems down to molecular interactions.

The academic programs at Department of Life Sciences are thoroughly designed to produce a well-qualified human resource to meet the needs of health, agriculture, industries and education in Pakistan. Through our highly qualified faculty, purpose built building, adequate laboratories, library facilities, computer labs and stimulating environment we ensure our students’ learning. Moreover, continuous guidance and counselling over a vast area of subjects we make sure their intellectual abilities. 

We at Department of Life Sciences promote the culture of interdisciplinary research. Our faculty is not only actively involved in pure and applied biology using the available resources but also developing research collaborations with other institutes to enhance the scope of research. Due to such culture, the faculty and the students have published their works in several international peer-reviewed journals.

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