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MS Biochemistry

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Elective Courses

BC-512: Energy and Environment

BC-517: Advances in Cell & Molecular Biology

BC-520: Advances in Immunology

BC-610: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

BC-612: Principles of Forensic Science

BC-621: Environmental Biotechnology

BC-640: Environmental Law and Regulation

BC-643: Advanced Molecular Genetics

BC-645: Advances in Fermentation Technology

BC-651: Advanced Bioinformatics

BC-654: Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics

BC-657: Advanced Research Methods

BC-661: Renewable Bioenergy Resources

BC-664: Enzymes - Mechanism & Kinetics

BC-667: DNA Techniques and Clinical Applications

BC-671: Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

BC-674: Signal Transduction

BC-677: Biochemistry of Metabolic Disorders

BC-681: Advances in Clinical Biochemistry

BC-684: Natural Products Biochemistry

BC-687: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

BC-691: Advanced Biochemical Techniques

BC-694: Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Biochemistry

BC-697: Thesis-I

BC-698: Thesis-II

We offer flexibility in choosing different courses from the list of elective courses, depending on the interests of the students and availability of resources. However, students will be assisted in identifying sets of courses which correspond to a specific area of specialization. More elective courses may be added to the list, if necessary. Courses from other departments may be taken as electives.

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