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Biotechnology is at the forefront of major advances in life sciences. Biotechnology refers to the use of plants, animals and microorganisms to create new products or processes. It plays an important role in helping industry, medicine and agriculture to produce foods and medicines, manage disease and pests, and clean up the environment.

Biotechnology is an applied science that uses the tools of biochemistry, molecular biology and other fields of biology to solve problems that affect humans. Bringing together several scientific disciplines, our course produces graduates who have a high standard of cognitive, practical and transferable skills and the knowledge to begin careers in medical research, in hospital and public health laboratories, and also in the pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industries. Analytical, numerical and communication skills developed by biotechnology graduates are also in demand in non science-based careers such as accountancy, journalism and marketing.

Students will be able to explore the molecular, cellular and physiological bases of life processes, and develop the intellectual and practical skills necessary for the collection, analysis, interpretation and understanding of biotechnology information and data. You will also develop awareness of the ethical implications of the complex biotechnological issues presented in the contemporary world and develop skills of reflection and self-evaluation.

Participants who graduate in biotechnology will understand the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology and have the special skills and knowledge of food and environmental microbiology and natural-products chemistry that are relevant and sought after by local and international industries. Our highly-regarded courses offer intensive learning, with a strong research focus aimed to equip graduates with the skills necessary to work in the sector. Our subjects are lecture and enquiry based, involving small-group workshops and tutorials.

Aim of Program

BS biotechnology program will provide participants with a thorough understanding in areas fundamental to many bioscience disciplines as well as an understanding of biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology and molecular genetics. The program aims to prepare students for careers in private and public sectors, research and development for the advancement of medicine, environmental practices, and agriculture.

Broad term objectives of program are to:

  • impart thorough knowledge of concepts in Biotechnology.
  • stress the perfect blending of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure for building perfect Biotech professionals as visioned by the top entrepreneurial enterprises, academia and dedicated scientific research organization.
  • develop a new body of knowledge and skills and make it available for those seeking challenging careers in the new era of scientific revolution.
  • encourage the future professionals for equipping themselves with the latest Biotech tools and techniques.
  • measure the value of education in honesty, integrity, punctuality, discipline and professional ethics.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating in biotechnology may find jobs in various areas; some of those are listed below:

  • government sector,
  • educational and research institutions,
  • medical research,
  • biotechnology industries,
  • molecular biology, genetics, genomics and plant biotechnology,
  • production of alternative biofuels,
  • production of vaccines, antibiotics, drugs and diagnostic kits,
  • genetic engineering and diagnostics,
  • food manufacturing,
  • environmental microbiology and natural-products chemistry,
  • agriculture,
  • Toxic and industrial waste Management

Program Summary

Duration 04 years

Semesters 08

Credit Hours 136


Admission Requirements

12 years of formal education A Level/FSc or equivalent

with Chemistry and Biology

Intermediate 45% Marks

UMT entrance test

Apply Online

Chairperson of Department

Dr. Muhammad Sohail Afzal

ls[email protected]

Ext: 3455

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