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Dr Muhammad Irfan Fareed

Assistant Professor

School of Science

Department of Life Sciences

 : [email protected]     : 3627     : 03011270000   

Muhammad Irfan Fareed is a professional agricultural biotechnologist who specializes in applying biotechnology techniques and principles to improve agricultural practices and enhance crop production. Here are some common professional achievements: 1. Developed transgenic disease-resistant plants: During Master degree in one of the prestigious university of Pakistan NUST university we biotechnologists have developed methods to engineer Nicotiana benthamiana and cotton plants with increased resistance to Tomato leaf curl new Delhi virus diseases. This achievement has helped farmers minimize losses due to CLCuV and ToLCuNDV diseases and reduce the reliance on chemical pesticides. 2. During PhD research we studied the whole cascade of RNAi in Arabidospis and C. elegans and reported two new genes which are responsible to run the whole RNAi machinery.

  • Agriculture Biotechnology
Publication Type Title Journal Name Impact Factor Year of Publication
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) Immobilization of metribuzin-degrading bacteria on biochar: Enhanced soil remediation and bacterial community restoration Frontiers in Microbiology 6.064 2023
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) In silico identification of potential drug-like molecules against G glycoprotein of Nipah virus by molecular docking, DFT studies, and molecular dynamic simulation Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 5.235 2022
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) Toxicity of Different Insecticides against Dengue Vector Aedes aegypti Larvae under Laboratory Conditions Journal of Innovative Sciences 3.190 2022
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
PhD Biology (Genetics) University of Science and Technology of China China
M Phil Virology and Immunology NUST Islamabad Pakistan
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