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BS Biochemistry

Overview Curriculum Elective Courses Why Pursue BS Biochemistry ?

Elective Courses

  1. BT-420 Commercialization of Biological Products
  2. BT-421 Nano-Biotechnology
  3. BT-413 Cell and Tissue Culture
  4. MB-202 General Virology
  5. BT-427Animal Biotechnology
  6. BT-425 Marine Biotechnology
  7. BT 426 Biosensors 
  8. BT-416 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  9. MB-416 Epigenetics
  10. BT-422 Proteomics and Genomics
  11. BT-419 Laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  12. BT-417 Biochemistry of Drugs and Resistance


Note: Any other elective course can be offered depending upon the availability of expert resource person. Any new course which will be offered must be aligned with the curricula of well reputed international and national universities.

Admission Criteria

All applications are evaluated on the basis of merit as determined by their previous academic record. Candidates must have qualification to meet the HEC's and UMT criterion. 

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Chairperson of Department

Dr. Muhammad Sohail Afzal

ls[email protected]

Ext: 3455

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